That guilty feeling

My friend and I went for a hike today, which was great cuz I needed my ass kicked. I am so out of shape. Anyways, we talked a lot about being a mom and how insane it is. These guilty feelings we get over different things. Got me thinkin’… One of the things we talked […]

The Meds

So I’m kicking the meds. I haaaate being on meds. I’ve tried my fair share in my lifelong struggle with depression. I was off of them for 6 or 8 years and did my best to find my own way through the muck. And honestly, it kinda worked. I don’t think I’ve posted my story […]

How do you mom when you really don’t want to?

Birdy does this thing where when she’s really tired and something’s pissed her off, she’ll cry and lay on the floor face down while wiggling her butt up and down like a worm. It’s very funny. She disagrees, but like… Who likes being told they’re cute when they’re mad? I am feeling that way today. […]

Updates on the greats

Get it? The greats are my tits. Heh heh… What a neglectful blogger I’ve been. It’s not you, it’s me. As I always say – two babies is a LOT of babies. So let’s start where we left off. I DID end up weaning off the breast pump. And I’m not sure if it had […]

That time I quit quitting

Well friends, it probably goes without saying but… My tits hurt. I was gonna stop pumping. But then that mom guilt came over me again. If I have milk to give them, why not give them the milk? They caught up in size real fast, and they’re learning like crazy. What if that’s all cuz […]

Adventures in Sleep Training – Epilogue

Well our time with the sleep consultant ended a few days ago, and while it’s a bit scary to be out on our own I have to say – I feel so much more confident in my role as a mom now that we’ve had her help us. I’ll probably be repeating a lot of […]

Big Pumpin’

So I’ve been trying to ween off pumping, and apparently going far too fast. I’ve got this big ol’ blocked duct under my areola. I think there might be some other little ones around cuz DAMN Lahey hurts. (My tits are named Lahey and Randy.) It sucks too cuz the block is right under where […]

Adventures in Sleep Training – Day 7 (The Lows)

So yesterday I rambled a lot about the amazing highs I’ve been feeling this week. And let’s be clear – I’m still feeling them. But maybe its time to talk about the downsides and the lows I’m feeling too. Especially because today the emotional pendulum has begun to swing the other way. I have definitely […]

Adventures in Sleep Training – Days 4, 5 and 6 (The Highs)

As I said in Day 3, I sort of lost steam on doing a continual update. I have a list that I’ve been updating for the sleep consultant, and I’ll put that up at the bottom here once I’m done rambling. Before I keep going, I want to speak to getting a sleep consultant. I […]


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