What to Expect (So you can lower your expectations)

I already did an intro post, but I figure I might need something on the front page describing what this is all about. Something quick, something…. basic. Something that will warn people about the profanity and questionable decisions these posts are riddled with.

I’m a new mom of twins. They’re gorgeous, but you’ll never know for sure cuz we don’t put our kids up on social media so you’ll just have to trust me. When I got pregnant, I was just starting to gig with a metal band. Gat damn I miss playing shows. Amazing how much life can change in a year! I’ve lived all over Canada but reached peak upgrade when I moved to Vancouver Island. I met my best friend in aforementioned band and life has been insane and amazing since. Now we have two friggin kids.

I used to do a lot of writing in my younger days. Then I kinda just… Stopped. Writer’s block makes for a convenient excuse but I wasn’t even really trying. I had a hell of a ride through pregnancy and so far through motherhood. Postpartum and now a pandemic. What the actual fuck, right?

I figured I’d start a blog if not just to get my writing muscles flexing again, but also to act as a journal to help me figure my shit out. As I always say – two babies is a lot of babies. And if I’m going through all of these feelings and problems and whatever, maybe others are too. Maybe there are other people that are striving for perfect parenting but have to just settle for what’s easy or convenient because it works. And maybe – just maybe – people wanna hear all the random shit I have to say.

I’m still in the process of building the blog, but I’ve tried to put things in three main categories.

  • Musings – basically my journal, random thoughts.
  • Useless Opinions – things I wish I knew or things I had to learn along the way, possibly because it’s supposed to be common knowledge and I’m out of the loop
  • My Story – Pretty self explanatory.

Maybe there will be more. Who knows. Maybe this will all change and I’ll forget to update this post so it’ll be irrelevant. Whoooo knooowwwsss… Plus the tag cloud thing is neat.

I encourage you to share the posts (obviously, make me famous) but also comment and interact with me. Disagree? Cool. I wanna know. Had something else that worked for you, or something to add? Bring it. Only thing I ask is that you keep it civil. Just because you disagree doesn’t mean you have to be a dick!

I named this blog after the thing I’ve said the most since I got pregnant. My Tits Hurt. The Diary of a MadMom.. A public account of me struggling through the most intense and wonderful thing I’ve ever done.

I hope you enjoy